Saturday, February 03, 2007

Newborn Session--And A Dream Workshop!!!!

I had a photo session with a three week old baby girl this morning. I'm super excited to show the photos but am patiently waiting for parental permission :) I think we got some great ones.
It was my birthday yesterday. I'm getting old. It's weird.
It looks as though I am going to a workshop in April put on by my favorite contemporary portrait photographer (other than Annie Leibovitz) Take a look if you're not familiar with her work Annie's, I mean. (click on the photos or arrows to move to the next one)
Anyway, Audrey Woulard is my non-celebrity hero...and she's in Chicago. Check out her site or her blog
Audrey gives small workshops to teach photographers how she photographs children only in natural light (no flash or lighting equipment) and acheives color and beauty that is just incredible. She also goes over the business side of photography...and since she makes 200,00.00 a year after only being a photographer for four years, well, I think she knows. I've wanted to attend a workshop for ages and am DYING of excitement that it looks like I'm going in a couple of months. I just have to scrape up the money. I've got some serious scrimping and saving to do to pay for this....but it will do wonders for my photography and my business. Oh. My. God. I'm dying here. For real.

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