Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I faxed in my enrollment form for Audrey Woulard's workshop today! And then I realized that in my excitement I only signed half of my name. Just Rebecca L. No last name. I discovered this as I was staring at my freshly faxed form with an enormous grin on my face.
Suddenly my silly smile slid into me staring at my freshly faxed form with a foolish feeling then sinking into horror and humiliation.
I finished signing my form, faxed it in again, this time adding a note about what a ditz I am an praying that she wouldn't decide that I'm can't possibly be capable of adjusting aperature and shutter speed if I can't even sign my name...and then tell me to take my money back and invest it in a helmet and yearly pass for the short bus.

But the important part is that I am going to Audrey's workshop!!!!! In only 2.5 months!!!!

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Jo said...

It is a little surprising that you in fact didn't get a refusal. Of course, now she knows you're star-struck and will make you go get her cokes and stuff all through the workshop.