Monday, February 19, 2007

Puking Continues and FOUR Cavities

I stayed home with the girls today because Amelia is still sick. She had a moderate fever and was extremely lathargic all day. Not walking, not much talking, only eating a few saltines and drinking pedialyte and water. But then tonight she puked again. An entire cup of pedialyte came right back out onto both of us. There was a joint bath, and she's kept pedialyte down the rest of the evening...but hasn't even eaten any more crackers. So, no work again tomorrow for me. I pray she feels better tomorrow and eats something. My heart breaks for her.

Libby went to the dentist today. She was awesome as they cleaned and checked her teeth. The model patient...until Chris was signing papers at the end and she started throwing a fit about wanting candy....right after they told Chris that she has FOUR cavities!!!!!!!!!!!! She's not even four years old, and has more cavities than I've had in my entire 34 years!!!! (I've had one) Chris and I feel like horrid parents and feel like it's all our fault. And on top of the guilt, we're going to have to pay nearly 500.00 out of pocket to fix them.

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