Sunday, February 18, 2007

Taxes, Puking Baby, and 11 Miles On A Treadmill...Oh My!

Snaps for a fun day!!!
The title says it all. I spend hours doing our taxes this afternoon, made much more difficult due to the fact that we cannot find last year's taxes for the lives of us. We have every other year since 1991 or something, but not last year. That means I do not have last year's AGI, which is needed to electronically sign your forms. So even though they are complete and successfully e-filed, we still have to get a form, sign it and get it there before they process our taxes.
Amelia is puking. She puked during the night and woke up with I-partied-like-a-rock star hair (hair crusted with vomit). Puked her lunch, too, poor thing. I feel terrible for her.
Jo couldn't run with me today for our weekly long run. I did not think it would be smart for me to run 14 miles alone in this weather because of my asthma and epilepsy. I'm going through the long process of switching my seizure meds right now, actually, which makes me feel so out of it and woozy/nauseated. They have to keep you on your regular dose of the old medicine while slowly adding more and more each day of the new one. I've been at the top dose of both medications now for a couple of weeks. Seizure meds typically make you feel pretty groggy and yucky, so now I've got double the pleasure. Anyway, now they start tapering me off of the old one very slowly, over the course of a few months. Switching seizure meds is pretty risky as every one works differently for every person. This new one may not do anything for me, it may work fine, or it could actually cause me to have worse seizures than I have normally. Plus, going off of any seizure meds can cause more seizures, too. Even if a non-epileptic person took seizure meds for a while and then stopped them suddenly, they'd have grand mal seizures. That's just how they work. SO, I thought it was smarter to run my 14 mile run on the treadmill. Can you imagine running 14 miles in one place, staring at basement walls?? Ick. For whatever reason (probably the above mentioned crappy medication change feeling) I had no energy for any of the run, my legs were shot by mile four, and I was doing some light flopping (seizures) in the hands when I passed 10 miles. I decided that 11 miles on the treadmill was plenty for me today. Those 11 were very, very slow and very, very hard.
That's it for today, folks.

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Jo said...

11 miles further than I ran.

1000' feet of woven wire fence later, back at about a 45 degree angle, that a sunburn or a windburn...I feel almost like I ran it anyway.

I hope I get my back, back. Soon enough to pick it up again right away, Reb, because I am BUMMED about not running at all today.

You rock.