Sunday, February 04, 2007

Guilt. And Ten Miles on the Treadmill.

They do not go together, the guilt and the treadmill. Just so you aren't confused.

The Guilt.
I am signing up for the workshop I mentioned yesterday...with Audrey Woulard. And it's expensive. And we really cannot afford it. By any stretch of the imagination. But Chris is 100% supportive of it, as he knows how much it will do for my photography and my business. It will pay for itself. I know that. And my family will benefit from what it does for my business. But it still feels so selfish. And every little bit of extra cash I earn from photo jobs is going straight to the workshop fund rather than the new-shoes-for-baby fund. As a mother, that seems so wrong. I'm struggling with the guilt and, at the same time dying of excitement.

The Ten Miles On the Treadmill.
Right now it is -8F outside. The windchill is -30F. So I had to do my long run on the treadmill this week. Ten miles. That is a long time on a treadmill. I have a hard time running fast on the treadmill for any distance because I get bored. Outside I get going without noticing because there is so much to look at and keep my mind occupied. The basement walls do not do the same thing for me. But today I brought my laptop down, hooked up some speakers and watched The Lord Of The Rings. Frodo kept me going. I ran ten with an average pace of 11:00 min miles. Could have gone faster but my training schedule said to do it at an 11:12 pace.

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