Saturday, February 17, 2007

Self Portrait

It was decided that the women on the workshop blog (the women attending the Audrey Woulard workshop with me) would shoot a self portrait and post for the others to see. This was to be a new photograph, not just picking a favorite photo of ourself. It should say something to the other women about who we are.
So I chewed on this for a while and decided that other than being a mom, the things that most make me me are my motorcycle, my camera, and running.
How to do an interesting self portrait which shows my connection to at least one of these things? The one thing I knew immediately was that I would not be looking directly into the camera. It would not be about a pretty smile or flashing my green eyes. It would not be about trying to pose myself just so so that I looked thinner than I actually am.
I wanted it to be creative.
So here you go.

And another in the same vein, which I like better in some ways, but did not choose it because there is not as much pink showing, and I wanted it clear that I ride a pink bike.

And one wearing my marathon shirt and some of my medals... There is nothing special about this one, and it's not obvious that those are medals, so I didn't choose it, either. It was a natural light shot, though, which is what I liked.

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